Musical performance by Dimitris Baslam

22 May. 2023

Open Cellar Doors 2023 | Parallel Event


On Sunday, 28 May 2023, at 12pm, the musical performance "Threttanelo" by Dimitris Baslam will take place at our estate.


Threttanelo is an exclamation of joy, a hymn of enthusiasm in the comedies of Aristophanes. In this musical performance, it becomes a song and an occasion for the music to begin...

True or false, we do not know, but the Gargling, this modern Robin Hood, meets in the land of the Angry Concrete Mixer the characters of all the stories of Dimitris Baslam.

From the great chef Agisilagos and his imaginative recipes, to Baritone with his enormous shoes. He dances with his aunt, the bright yellow lemon fish, the swimming fireflies. He sets little Zoe's balloon free to fly high into space, where it meets the Sun that works tirelessly, and a star that falls with a wish. He digs through the fantastic stories of Maiko, he meets Tin Can with the four lumps, the hippopotamus on a diet and the little Magician who with a spell turns the soft blue Sweater into a ball of wool and gloves for a red turtle.

On stage four musicians with guitars, a dulcimer, an accordion, a toy piano, tambourines, percussion, three kazoos starting with the sound of tradition. They want to gather around them the smiling and surprised eyes of the families who arrive hand in hand. They tell funny stories, and fairy tales. They sing teasingly about love, generosity, leisure, companionship, the circle of Life, joy and play.


On stage:

  • Dimitris Baslam, Guitar/ Percussion / Song
  • Lambrini Karakosta, Guitar/ Song
  • Vaggelis Pasxalidis, Dulcimer/ Tambourines / Song
  • Lydia Anestopoulou, Accordion / Toy piano / Song