Eleftheria Gonida at Gerovassiliou Wine Museum

23 Jan. 2019

On Monday, February 4, 2019, at 7pm, we look forward to welcoming Associate Professor of Educational Psychology and Human Development- Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Faculty of Psychology, School of Philosophy- Eleftheria Gonida for a lecture on:

“Child, family and school: relationships, challenges, cooperations”

The modern theory and research of the family and school role on the child’s development will be presented in the lecture. Parents and teachers, through many alternative ways, produce great effects within the cognitive, social and emotional development of the children and teenagers, but also within their relations to learning and their school and academic attainments. Recent findings of how parents and teachers can contribute positively or negatively to the development and learning process of their children will be discussed. Protective and risk factors will be presented, and implementation proposals will be discussed in order to create positive learning experiences for the children and teenagers that help them succeed in school, feel emotionally safe and mentally strong to deal with challenges and difficulties. Finally, the necessity of a constructive and sincere cooperation among teachers and parents will be highlighted.

The lecture will be held at the cafe of the Wine Museum.
Just before the lecture the Wine Museum will be open from 6-7pm.
Entrance is free.