KrasTest with Riedel: when the form becomes substance, again

25 Nov. 2016

The famous sommelier and Vice President of Riedel for South Europe, Marco Baldini, returns to Ktima Gerovassiliou for the first KrasTest of the year.

As we promised, after great demand, we repeat last year’s KrasTest with Riedel on Monday, 5 December 2016 and on Tuesday, 6 December 2016 at 19.00. We taste red wines in different glasses and we learn why the glass plays such an important role not only in wine tasting but also in the enjoyment of a wine.

What is the function of a wine glass? A specific form is able to enhance the best characteristics of a wine? Riedel explains the fundamental role of the right form for the right grape variety.  

Participation cost: 40€, VAT included (prepayment required & receipt on the day of the event). At the end, all participants will get to keep the set of Riedel wine glasses of 103€ value.

Registration is required at (name, surname, job title, email, phone number).


KrasTest with Riedel: when the from becames substance
1st KrasTest:  5 December 2016, 19.00 &
2nd KrasTest:  6 December 2016, 19.00
Registration is required at

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