Michael Styllas at the Gerovassiliou Wine Museum

17 Oct. 2017

Monday, 23 October 2017, at 19.00 we look forward to welcoming Dr. Michael Styllas, geologist and refuge manager of “Christos Kakkalos” in Mt Olympus, to our first lecture for this viti-vinicultural year:

Mount Olympus. Between Sky and Earth, crossing Gods, Mortals and Glaciers

“The prime of the Greek territory that has been declared as the Parthenon of Greek nature, stands tall for thousands years now over Aegean Sea. Famous around the world for its mythological dimension, Mt Olympus was the safe house of many restless spirits, overtime, of divine or human form. The acts of human coexistence with its wild landscape have left behind several archeological, religious, artistic and mountain myths and stories, while the search and exploration of its natural resources have brought to light important scientific discoveries since ancient times. Glaciers and permanent snow-caps that have possibly made Homer, 2,800 years ago, to call Mt Olympus, among other things, “Ololampi” (“all bright”), tend to disappear, showing the non-tolerance of the massif giant to human activities and climatic changes, with direct implications to agricultural produce and tourism in the regions around Mt Olympus. A journey since the emergence of Mt Olympus in the sky till the enthronement of the Gods, the arrival of the mortals and the contemporary coexistence of the later with the natural environment”. Michael Styllas

Just before the lecture the Museum will be open from 18.00-19.00.

Entrance is free