By Word of Mouth, editions by Ktima Gerovassiliou

1 Ιουλ. 2024

As part of its cultural activities, Ktima Gerovassiliou carries out a series of editions entitled "By Word of Mouth". The series is dedicated to Epanomi, the location of the estate.

Each edition, through words and images, focuses on a different theme. Their common goal is to present Epanomi, through its past and present. With love for the village and its inhabitants, every year the team of the Estate collaborates with locals, researchers, and photographers.




  • "Epanomi's Cookery" (the local cuisine of Epanomi)
  • "From the vine to the Table" (products of the vine found in the cuisine of Epanomi)
  • "Tsipouro narrates" (the history of Epanomi’s tsipouro)
  • "All around the table" (the multi-cultural cuisine of Epanomi)
  • "The Guests" (the cuisine of Epanomi’s brides and grooms)
  • "Epanomi, a place to call home" (stories of people who chose Epanomi as their home)
  • "In song" (Epanomi’s music tradition)
  • "The recording of ’69" (historical recording of Epanomi’s music tradition)
  • "The wetland of Epanomi" (flora, avifauna and their importance to human life and nature)
  • "Architectural constructions" – Old dwellings of Epanomi


Each year, the publication is launched at the Estate in May during "Open Doors," the largest wine tourism event of the year. Since 2012, ten publications have been released, dedicated to Epanomi, its gastronomy, music, tsipouro, and architecture. 

The next edition will be released in May 2025.

Editions are available only in Greek.